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National Diploma Photography – Techikon Natal

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17 Years Experience

16 years experience in web production. Skills include HMTL and CSS style coding. Over 20 in photography and photo-imaging. Short course on video production including editing. Many many hours on computer learning photo manipulation skills, PowerPoint and numerous other programs including Excel and Word.

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Is your website broken and needs a fix. Does your website need a speed check and performance review. Does your site need something added like a booking system? Or Calendar? Or security system need to added? Do you need and SSL certificate added to website.


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No time to do it yourself or don’t know how? Do you need someone to manage and / or host your website.




About Russell

In Russell’s early school years he was shown an unused school darkroom. In the dusty old room he and a few friends found B/W enlargers not used in years, expired photographic paper and the chance of learning about photography and printing.

The camera club had been re-invented. Years later, he enrolled at college to study a 3 year commercial photographic diploma. Visual communication, in particular, the world wide web and its technologies has also grabbed his attention ever since. In 1998 Russell purchased his first computer and has been learning new things everyday ever since that Dell Win 95 with 128 RAM was on his desk.

As Russell was growing up and starting to take note of the world around him, he can remember as a kid on family holidays shouting out ‘take a picture’ when something of interest came along. The family owned an old Canon with ‘screw in style’ lenses unlike clip in type today, and as soon as he was old enough he was using it himself. From an early age, Russell understood the value of capturing an image on film, and now digital, when he stumbled on that old darkroom in the school he remembers it as an instance that “made sense”.

The mechanical process of taking a picture and watching it appear in the liquid bath of rancid chemistry was an inspiring moment: something that he will never forget. The action of recording an image and preserving it in an instant and in almost life-like qualities is still amazing to him today. Russell spent nearly 15 years working for a magazine company as an employee and later as a freelancer photography.

Communication through visual means has always and will always interested him. New viewing methods such as the web and multimedia as well as traditional paper are equally important to Russell, each has its own purpose but the end result of visual communication is key.

It is not just the taking of the image but the preservation of older images is also paramount to him as well.  With the photo-restoration and enhancement techniques available today Russell has spent a lot of man hours learning new techniques in the ‘digital darkroom’ to understand that process as much as possible but there is always more to learn in photo-imaging.

Russell has since up-skilled in web technologies as  the interdependence  of imaging and technology is more apparent today. He as an understanding CSS styling, html coding, web image production, online web- editors WYSIWYG interfaces, web content managed systems and ftp applications. Russell enjoys the challenge of learning something new and a positive attitude helps him to achieve his goals.


Based on needs Russell has developed a great website for our Company AGS Consulting. Russell  was able to satisfy my exacting requirements under the pressure of a demanding client. We are very happy with the level of customer service including regular communication from Russell. We received value for money and very happy with the result.

Alan Schwartz
Director AGS Consulting & Training

“Over the years one hires many IT type people who tend to rattle off a language that seems so foreign. Russell Hammond was a breath of fresh air putting everything in layman terms. He answered all my questions about my site construction and reached all my deadlines. From day one of my site going live I received numerous positive feedback. And he has been most helpful and quick to respond with any ongoing questions or issues. I am very happy with the result – we are all very impressed and will recommend you”

Gary Seeger – Seeger Music

We had very firm ideas of the type of website we wanted. Russell designed a unique website, on brief plus incorporating his own innovative and creative flair – this gave the website its edge. He also blended together the technical capabilities we required in a user friendly and easy to navigate.

Yvonne Brennan

Russell Hammond has designed and maintained my website for the last 15 years. He has been very thorough in his attention to detail, his design skills have been great and I get many comments on how easy it is to navigate the site. A couple of months ago. Russell suggested that I upgrade my site and give it a new look. I have been thrilled with the results and extra traffic as a result. I can highly recommend Russell as the best person to design and maintain your website. He really knows what he is doing!

Robyn –

Thanks Russell, great job. I am absolutely overwhelmed with work, shipping to Melbourne (meaning she is being found nationally – one of the website’s criteria), and have had to outsource work. Plus a large commercial chain’ (name removed for commercial confidence) have requested a meeting… !!!!
Lisa Mc Govern


I have now worked with Russell on 3 websites, Hayman Strategy, Embark Careers and Girl with a Nikon. He brings both attention to detail and creative insight to each website development. Russell is terrific to deal with, he is a font of everything technical, as well as providing innovative approaches to every brief. No problem is too big, Russell will work out a solution that is both effective and cost sensible.I continually recommend him to people as an outstanding website designer. (Now 4th 🙂

Cheryl Hayman – Hayman Strategy